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A Special Frock


I LOVE knitting for babies! I’m at the age where all my friends are having babies so I do A LOT of baby knitting! I almost always have one baby project in the works. I’ve had people ask me why I don’t just knit a bunch of baby projects all at once so that I have a stash of them and can just grab one when I need a gift. One thing I have realized about myself over the last few years is how much of myself and how much thought and prayer I pour into the items I knit. I NEVER knit something just to knit it and then decide later who it is going to. All of my projects start out with a purpose or destiny if you will. I always know who they are going to and so when I am knitting that project the whole time I am thinking about it’s recipient and praying for them. Love, prayers and good thoughts are poured into every stitch of my projects. I’m not sure what my mind would do if I were to knit something that had no end destination.

I have wanted to knit the Fiesta Frock for a long time but there was a long streak where all my friends, myself included, were having boys! So finally I found out a friend was having a little girl and not just any friend…she is really special for so many reasons. We haven’t actually been friends for very long but as soon as we became friends she was all in! She is always there if I need someone or something, always offering help or to bring coffee if she is stopping for some for herself. She texts everyday just to say hi and see how my day is going. She is one of the sweetest, caring and most thoughtful people I know. She also has one daughter who was almost two by the time her baby sister was born. And sadly these two sisters have a big brother who they never had the chance to meet. I did not know my friend when she lost her sweet son at only 4 months of age and so I never had the joy of knowing him. Knowing his two sisters though and how amazing they are makes me grieve a friends baby that I never knew because I know he was just as incredible as his sisters.  We talk of him often, I try to help her keep his memory alive by listening to her talk about him and helping her commemorate certain dates in his life.  She is very open about talking about her unimaginable loss and she is one of the strongest woman I know. So when I found out she was expecting this new little girl I knew I needed to knit something very special for her. I often just knit hats or something small for babies but I knew this little miracle needed something extra special as did her Mama. The Fiesta Frock that I had longed to knit seemed perfect. I think I prayed harder for this little lady while I knit her frock than I have for any other baby. I hope that as she wore it she felt extra love and warmth coming from the fibers.




One of the features that drew me to this pattern was that I would get to pick out buttons for it. I LOVE picking out buttons…it’s always my favorite part a project. The picture of the dress in the pattern book had these adorable parakeet buttons on the shoulder….I was able to find them but they really didn’t match my yarn I had picked. I settled on the stars and I think they were the perfect touch.



I wasn’t super crazy about how this pattern was written. It came from the book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I use this book a lot and I like the finished projects but the patterns aren’t always written the best. If I made this dress again I would probably follow some of the pattern changes people on Ravelry suggested. This was my first set in sleeve so I ended up doing both sleeves twice because the first time I was done with both they were uneven. I pulled one out and redid it. It looked much better the second time and the sleeves were even but the first sleeve didn’t look as good so I had to rip that one out and re-knit it. I knew by this point I was being slightly neurotic because really probably I was the only one that would notice any difference in the two sleeves…it’s a sickness I have…I realize that…I’m working on it. My perfectionism paid off though…the dress got second place for children’s dresses in our county fair!

Oh and I knit a sweet little pair of shoes to go with the dress!