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Snack Day


Ella calls him The Boy of Joy and he truly is. From the moment that Oliver was born he has been this ball of energy with joy bursting out of every seam. We have always said that we have survived the last 3 years of complete sleep depravation because he was just so happy that it really was hard to be annoyed that he doesn’t sleep. So it came as no surprise to me how excited he was to be the one to bring snack in on the second day of preschool. Once we got him to understand that he would be sharing the snack and that a single container of pumpkin yogurt would not work he was all in! So Mike took him to the store one evening and Oliver picked out a container of apple cinnamon muffins and some grapes to share with his friends.

The morning of his snack day Oliver could barely contain himself…his sister could not be sent off to school fast enough so that it would be his turn to go. As I began to unload the boys from the van at school I explained to Oliver I would need help carrying everything. “It will be heaby?”he asked me. How I wished he would always talk this way I thought to myself. “No” I said. “We’ll put the muffins in your back pack.” He hoisted his truck back pack onto his back and as we headed down the stairs he proudly stated, “I got a back pack full of muffins!” “Yes you do!” I said as my heart burst. He is so tiny with blonde hair that practically glows but he talks in sentences beyond his years. His excitement for everything is so contagious and I find myself hanging on his every word.

As we waited in the hallway until his class opened Oliver stood impatiently hugging his muffins to his chest. Every person who walked by him he tried to tell about his muffins that he was so proud of but his muffins often went unnoticed as people rushed in to drop off their children. Oliver soon realized if he wanted people to notice his muffins he was going have to take more drastic measures.

A grandmother dropping off her granddaughter in the older class came walking down the hall. Oliver quickly assumed the position of a sumo wrestler, a tiny 3 ft tall sumo wrestler and attempted to physically block the older woman’s way with his muffins and little body. “I got muffins!”, he said. She moved to the left. “I got muffins!” he said as he moved to the left. She moved to the right. “I GOT MUFFINS!!!”, he said as he moved to the right. “Oliver! Let the lady through!!” “I’m sorry. H’;s very excited about his muffins.”, I said as I pulled him in close to me.

In between body checking unsuspecting parents with his muffins Oliver would ask, “It time to go in now?” “No buddy not yet.” Five seconds later, “Now?.” “No buddy not yet.” Five seconds later, “Now?” “No buddy not yet.” FINALLY his teacher opened the door and greeted us good morning. Without looking back at me to say good-bye Oliver walked in to his classroom stating of course, “I got muffins!”, presented them to his teacher and off he went.